Delivering Exceptional Customer Service through Top-Tier Construction Solutions in Cornwall & SD&G

Matthew Daigle’s passion for construction and fine carpentry was the seed that sprouted into the successful Millennial Contracting business we see today. From the humble beginnings of working alongside his father in real estate investment, Matthew’s passion, skill, and customer-focused ethos fueled the company’s growth. His father’s trust and encouragement were instrumental in Matthew taking the leap to establish his own company in 2017.

Now, Millennial Contracting is more than just Matthew. It’s a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals, subcontractors, and suppliers, all sharing the same passion for construction, customer satisfaction, and community. Our team isn’t merely composed of individuals; we are a cohesive unit that stands for quality, transparency, and integrity. Every member, from management to subcontractors, is committed to delivering top-notch, transparent service to every client. We stand by our commitment to ensure every customer is left with a high-quality product, crafted to be cherished alongside friends and family for many years to come!

The ongoing growth and development of Cornwall and SD&G is something we find incredibly exciting. We’re not just observing this progress; we are an active part of it. As Cornwall expands and flourishes, so do we, meeting new challenges and possibilities head-on, while helping shape our community’s future. Historically, we’ve observed a gap in the local construction industry, where the quality could be further elevated. In no way is this an indictment on past work, but rather a recognition of an opportunity for improvement. We have a mission to raise the bar in construction standards, striving to infuse the Cornwall construction industry with an enhanced level of quality. We perceived this unfulfilled need and are committed to satisfying it, reinforcing our unwavering dedication to bettering our community.

Community connection means more to us than just words. We believe in active participation and giving back. Our team members look forward to participating in local events, and we’re proud to sponsor local kids sports teams such as the U9 Cornwall Celtics Minor Lacrosse team and the U11 Cornwall Typhoons Girls Hockey team. This active engagement allows us to understand the needs of our community better, shaping our services to match.

At Millennial Contracting, we’re not just building homes, we’re building relationships, trust, and an enduring legacy in our beloved community. What can our team do for you today?