Our Process

10 Proven Steps To Your Dream Home

Experience a seamless renovation journey with Millennial Contracting. From the initial consultation to understand your project needs to the final walkthrough to ensure your absolute satisfaction, we strive to make our client process smooth and transparent.  

Step 1: Initial Connection
Contact us via phone or our website form to discuss your project and requirements.
Step 2: Project Questionnaire
Complete a set of questions to help us understand your project’s objectives, intentions, and the problems you are looking to solve. This helps us get to know you to see if we are the right fit for your project.
Step 3: In-Home Consultation
We’ll meet with you face-to-face in your home for a one hour consultation. This allows us to see the space you want to transform and discuss your project in more detail.
Step 4: The Design Contract
At this point, we will enter into a Design Contract. You will have the opportunity to review and sign off on the Design Contract before construction begins.
Step 5: The Design Process
If you decide to proceed, we will begin outlining all the project details. This includes comprehensive plans, floorplans, elevations, interior renderings, material selections, and interior design elements. The design phase typically takes between one to three months.
Step 6: Firm Fixed Cost Quote
After the design is approved, we gather pricing from subcontractors to provide you with a transparent, firm fixed cost quote. That means no lowball estimates or extra surprise price tags after the fact. Our emphasis is on pricing clarity. Upon your approval, we proceed to sign the construction contract.
Step 7: Permits & Scheduling
We submit permits on your behalf and create a comprehensive schedule for your construction project so you can expect how long the process will take.
Step 8: Construction Begins
The day has arrived! We now starting the construction process according to the agreed-upon plans and specifications determined from the Design Process.
Step 9: Regular Walkthroughs
We want to hear from you. Throughout the construction phase, we conduct regular walkthroughs with you to address any questions or concerns.
Step 10: Maximum Client Satisfaction
Your dream project is done! But we won’t consider the case closed until you are completely satisfied. We’ll perform a final walkthrough to address any remaining items that may require attention.

At Millennial Contracting, our streamlined process ensures clear communication, transparency in pricing, and a focus on client satisfaction. Contact us today to begin your journey toward a remarkable renovation experience.