Multi-Generational Living

We specialize in creating multi-generational living solutions that go beyond your expectations.

Discover the possibilities that allow you to accommodate and support your loved ones in a separate and fully functional living space within your property.

Basement Apartments

Transform your basement into a fully self-sufficient unit, perfect for accommodating in-laws, family members, or friends. No need for costly house extensions – we can maximize the potential of your existing basement to create a comfortable and independent living area with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities, and more.

Attached Additions

Our expert team can seamlessly integrate a full addition onto your existing home, complete with a separate living area, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities. This attached secondary dwelling unit provides the ideal space for your loved ones to remain independent while staying connected.

Detached Secondary Dwelling Units

Explore the options of a detached secondary dwelling units, known as Coach Houses or Laneway Houses, located in your backyard, or elsewhere on your property. These separate living spaces offer privacy and convenience, providing your aging parents or family members with their own cozy retreat. 

Discover the joy of multi-generational living, allowing you to support and care for your loved ones without compromising on their independence or your own. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, creating a customized solution that suits your unique needs and desires. Contact us today to explore the endless opportunities that multi-generational living can bring.