Matthew Vachon

Matthew Vachon – Lead Carpenter

Born and raised in the Cornwall community, Matthew Vachon holds a lifelong passion for carpentry, sparked by his father’s early introduction to the craft. During high school, he took three semesters of wood shop and participated in two co-op learning experiences with local building contractors, cementing his dedication to the field. His enthusiasm for learning new techniques and approaches allowed him to refine his understanding of construction.

Later, Matthew developed a keen interest in landscape design and chose to gain experience in the hardscaping industry. His role provided him with broad experience in operating a variety of tools and heavy equipment. Over the winter months, it became a cherished tradition for Matthew to work with his father in the shop, building and finishing furniture – an activity both father and son loved.

As his family grew and with another child on the way, Matthew committed to woodworking and finishing full-time, securing a position at a local furniture shop. His varied work experiences in landscape construction, woodworking, and finishing have shaped him into the versatile, detail-oriented worker he is today. Boasting over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Matthew acts as the Lead Carpenter with Millennial Contracting.

When not engaged with work, Matthew savours family time and enjoys playing music and wrestling bouts with his two boys.